ERP Automation Accelerator

Fenixal's ERP Automation Accelerator offers component-based testing for various application types, allowing for quick and efficient business process testing with minimal maintenance


When heavily customized, configured and interfaced with internal and external applications, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems require a bevy of testing. The complexity and critical integrations of these systems increases the need for testing business processes and mission-critical applications before releases. Effective use of automation tools, coupled with a robust automation framework, help maximize test coverage and boost ROI on automation efforts.

Fenixal ERP testing accelerators for SAP, Oracle, Siebel and PeopleSoft are built on top of HP ALM and HP UFT, using business process testing (BPT) methodology. BPT accelerates component-based testing, creating a repository of reusable test modules that quickly and efficiently allow for changes to be made. Through a SAP automation accelerator, Oracle automation accelerator and other ERP testing accelerators, reusable business components can be utilized as building blocks for end-to-end business process testing. As the test suite grows, pre-build libraries specifically tailored to an ERP application type and a rapid script generation process produce these specialized components with minimal maintenance effort.


Key Benefits

Data-driven framework utilizes ALM test configuration module

Accelerators built using HP ALM business process testing (BPT) methodology

Parameterized component script generator

Pre-built functional libraries for SAP, Oracle, Siebel and PeopleSoft applications

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