Web Automation Accelerator

Fenixal's reliable and flexible web automation tools work to streamline various functions for a fully integrated process


A successful web automation framework depends on the ease of test script creation and its maintenance. In Agile development, automated web testing produces considerable challenges and questions. During these early stages of development, life cycle changes are imminent. Our Agile team focuses on developers participating in the generation of automation test scripts, incorporated as part of continuous integration.

As the main goal of web automation, creating a unique identification selector for the element of interest is critical. Fenixal’s web automaton accelerator is a browser extension that helps generate page object patterns, unique selectors for web elements and framework compliant scripts based on the application development pattern. These web browser automation tools streamline various functions for a fully integrated process.

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Key Benefits

Chrome extension panel acts as an object identification workspace

Generate page objects with unique identifier pattern

Pre-defined set of methods for web elements

Generate framework compliance script for Selenium, UFT and Lean FT

Option to configure attributes for generating unique object selector

Rapid script generation using identified objects

Framework tightly coupled with continuous integration

Generate modular functions based on selected object types

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