Mobile Testing

Fenixal’s mobile testing services provide clients with the mobile testing strategies and methodologies necessary for a successful product


With the wide variety of mobile devices, networks and operating systems available today, mobile testing often presents a great number of challenges. Fenixal’s mobile testing automation services offer maximum testing coverage in a minimum amount of time, ensuring a quality application with a shorter time to market.


Factors such as various mobile device screen sizes, signal quality, network conditions and bandwidth settings based on carrier play a large role in the mobile testing automation process. Fenixal’s mobile testing automation framework:

Provides specialized testing that is highly adaptable in the quickly evolving mobile industry

Supports an in-depth range of operating systems: iOS, Windows and Android

Features cross-OEM compatibility and reusability of scripts to create an optimal testing platform that fully conforms to every unique scenario

With these mobile testing best practices in place, Fenixal can provide you with insight into the quality of your product, meeting your QA standards and assuring an improved application with a smoother, bug-free launch.

Key Benefits

Superior Adaptability

Differences in bandwidth, network and mobile devices require personalized types of testing. Our flexible and highly adaptable mobile testing automation framework delivers accurate, reliable results.

Comprehensive Reports

A complete breakdown provides insight into each bug, including details about severity, location, mobile platform where the issue was found and more, ensuring QA standards are met.

Improved Productivity

Reusable and scalable mobile testing automation framework guarantees enhanced productivity across a multitude of operating systems, resulting in shorter test cycles and a faster time to market.

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