Performance Testing

Fenixal's thorough and convenient performance testing services lead to the timely release of reliable, cutting-edge products


Performance Testing is a requirement of any development stage. Thorough performance testing aims to eliminate performance issues that may arise in early phases of your development cycle, paving the way for a smooth development period and a vastly improved time to market. The ever-shifting business landscape demands performance testing and load testing services with a wealth of experience in many industries and fields, an emphasis on data utilization and the flexibility to adapt to your existing infrastructures.

Enables your development cycle to be fluid and responsive to performance factors

Allows for immediate action to be taken when issues arise during development

Helps to avoid potential roadblocks to quarterly goals by recognizing them immediately and taking an educated approach

Utilizing our skill set to assess various factors such as impact, feasibility and usage patterns can lead to a more effective product and a more satisfying user-experience once development is complete. Agile and scalable, our performance testing tools can be customized to fit the unique demands of your business and development cycles.

Key Benefits

Full Development Cycle Analysis

Provides you with a full inventory of your developmental needs and improvement areas, permitting swift performance issue recognition so you can spend less time trying to find performance lapses and more time fixing them.

Robust Experience

Knowledge and expertise in many different markets and industries makes our performance testing services a qualified and effective solution to your company’s testing needs, regardless of company size or project scope.

Flexible & Timely Testing

Improve your development cycle in all stages, ensuring an accelerated time to market and the elimination of revenue-impacting performance issues. Our agile approach empowers your team with rapid-response times.

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